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comdirect ist Ihre erste Adresse für Sparen, Anlegen und Handeln mit Wertpapieren. Smarte Lösungen für Finanzthemen machen Ihnen das Leben leichter. comdirect bank AG | followers on LinkedIn | Bank. Neu denken. | comdirect is a leading direct bank and the market leader in online securities business for. Die comdirect mobile App bietet Ihnen einen optimierten Zugriff auf ausgewählte Web-Funktionen. Unsere Webseite steht Ihnen mit allen Funktionen auch. Die Comdirect Bank Aktiengesellschaft (Eigenschreibweise comdirect bank) ist ein deutsches Kreditinstitut mit Sitz in Quickborn. Sie ist mit 2,75 Millionen. Wie viele Sterne würden Sie comdirect bank AG geben? Geben Sie wie schon Kunden vor Ihnen eine Bewertung ab! Ihre Erfahrung zählt.

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Wie viele Sterne würden Sie comdirect bank AG geben? Geben Sie wie schon Kunden vor Ihnen eine Bewertung ab! Ihre Erfahrung zählt. COMDIRECT BANK AG: Vorstellung des Unternehmens COMDIRECT BANK AG​, Aktionäre, Vorstände und Berufsbeschreibung, Finanzstärkerating, offizielle. Die Comdirect Bank Aktiengesellschaft (Eigenschreibweise comdirect bank) ist ein deutsches Kreditinstitut mit Sitz in Quickborn. Sie ist mit 2,75 Millionen. The 50 cents which was rounded off is Spiele Ohne into your savings account. May 23, at am. Thanks in advance. Do you want to try this for yourself? This is useful for everyday electronic spending. Please post your question in the comments box at the bottom of this page. When withdrawing money in a Ocean Of Games currency — e. Yes, this is correct. Yes, congratulations that it has worked with the account opening at one of the best direct banks in Germany.

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November , S. Favoriten mehr Infos. In: Der Tagesspiegel. Mit einem speziellen Kontowechsel-Service haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihre bisherigen Zahlungspartner direkt online über die neue Bankverbindung zu informieren. In: Nürnberger Zeitung. Wie bewerten Sie diese Seite?

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ARD, Absolut unfähig simpelste Anliegen zu bearbeiten. Aktien Prime Standard:. In: Cash Online. Follow Rate employer. Peer Group. Nie wieder!

The legitimating through the ID-form can be implemented from most countries. However, please contact the customer service of the Comdirect bank and ask about the current situation e.

The legitimating through the PostIdent-procedure is always possible. For example, if you are visiting Germany.

However, we know of cases in which the Deutsche Post has declined this legitimating — probably because of the foreign address — but there are also cases in which it worked well.

The Comdirect Bank can offer such excellent conditions, such as the free Visa card , because it is a clever direct bank. However, that also means that many processes happen automatically.

Thus, each application on a current account opening is assessed by the computer and this suggests an account opening or a rejection of account opening.

For this, the computer evaluates various data, such as the monthly income , among others. If you live abroad or are only recently living in Germany, then there will be probably only few or no data at the Schufa.

This has a negative impact on the creditworthiness rating and may lead in some cases to a rejection of the account opening.

The Comdirect Bank is one of the best German banks not only due to the very good conditions, but also because of its comparatively very, very good customer service.

Explain your situation to the bank and say or write to the bank about the purpose of the account. There are so many cases in which a re-examination — taking into account the new information — led to a successful account opening.

On your request, the documents will be sent by letter paying postage. The bank statements are provided as a PDF document electronically to your virtual mailbox in the online banking system.

The access data for online banking, as well as the Girocard and Visa card , are sent to you by mail.

The delivery is in any case — regardless whether in Germany or abroad — free of charge. Our editorial staff would be happy to answer your questions on the account opening at the Comdirect, as well as on the legitimating methods.

Please post your question in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Many thanks! My don is travelling to germany to work in the summer at an English teaching camp and they will be paying him in euros and they have suggested he open an account in Germany.

He 19 and from the United kingdom. Can he Open one with you? Very many thanks. Try it, please! We ourselves are curious to know how well opening an account from different countries works for different people … thank you for your feedback.

We are an American couple who recently purchased a holiday home in Switzerland. We reside in the U. But visit Switzerland 3 or 4 times a year.

We would like to open a bank acct to pay our taxes in Europe and to make deposits if the home is rented. Can you advise us if this is possible?

Thank you. Lee Phillips. The Comdirect is a bank in Germany. If you have your holiday home in Switzerland, it will be probably useful, if you open an account in Switzerland.

You should know that Switzerland has the Franks, a different currency than in Germany. The easiest will be that you visit a local Kantonalbank in the city, where your holiday home is … or ask in Switzerland for a recommendation.

For our readers, we have specialized on the best selection and opening of bank accounts in Germany.

I would note that American Citizens have special problems opening bank accounts in Europe, and really if you only need to pay a few bills, and have limited European income, then its much easier to open an account with Currencyfair or Transferwise.

And if you have income, with Currencyfair you can simply have your renters do a transfer to your Currencyfair account, from which you can exchange for USD and send back to your bank.

Hello, I wish to buy a flat in Berlin. Is it possible to open an bank account in Germany.. Easiest and cheapest way: Go to a lokal bank in Berlin.

You will get your bank account less one hour. Which is provisions is for send money online comdirect bank to other EU countries?

Guten Tag! Ich bin jetzt Rentnarin und moechte gerne ein Konto in Deutschland eroefenen. Wohne nicht mehr in De aber in der EU.

Ist sowas moeglich jetzt noch???? Comdirect is a direct bank. There are no branches which can do the ID check. Contact the bank for details, please.

Also are you notified via email or post? It takes about a week. Then comes the first of several letters by mail welcome pack, access to online banking, cards, PINs.

Hi, I currently live in Argentina. I been working for a UK based company for 8 years. I have a bank account in Spain that has been frozen because of some regulations they started to enforce recently.

I do happen to have double nationality Argentine — German and have also a German passport. Yes, I think you have good chances for an account opening at Comdirect.

With your German passport you can make the identification over webcam. For apply the account use the PDF form the online form is for people with address in Germany.

I have been sent a real round robin in regards to opening a bank account. I am a Zimbabwean, residing on a work permit in South Africa and 6 weeks into my 90 day internship in Berlin.

I was told to open an account I should register my address once I have a permanent one. I resided in a student hostel for the first 2 weeks and managed to find a place 4 weeks ago.

I only now managed to get a lease agreement. The next available appointment spot for registration Anmeldung is after I leave! Shall I then opt to open a non-resident account?

Is it possible to do so at a branch. I would like to keep this Euro offshore account for life. I highly doubt that Zimbabwe or South Africa are on this list.

Yes, the PDF-document for non-resident is the right one. And it is a great idea to open the account during the stay in Germany. That is easy to make the legitimation.

Hi I am a business man from Australia. Can we open the account via internet? At the Comdirect, one can open a private account instructions given above.

The bank does not offer business accounts. We are still working on a solution for this issue and will then publish instructions on this special portal.

Hi there I am ahmad. Owner of hi tech computers, Faislabad, Pakistan. I am a businessman and I want to open bank account in Germany.

I have business visa for one year. Please guide me how I can open it. When I come I need my payment in safe hand. So I need bank account.

However, we are working to find a solution on how to open a business account in Germany from abroad. So far, only very few banks are interested, therefore, it is not easy to find a good solution.

Nevertheless, we will find a solution and publish it on this special portal. Hello I am citizen of Greece and live in Greece.

I would like to open an account in Germany to keep some money there safe out of Greek banking system But I would like to be able to use these money for payments example online services in case I need to.

I have read about comdirect that offers current account together with savings account free of charge.

Will I be able to open these accounts? Do you read the article? It is all explain. Sometimes people only post their questions and wait that someone wrote for they personally.

I mean if I have good chances to open a current account or is it better to go only for a savings account.

Yes, that is correct. Experience has shown that it is easier to open a savings account first and to add a current account later. The background is that it is difficult for the bank to carry out a creditworthiness check, if the residence is in Greece.

For a savings account, no creditworthiness check is necessary. Nevertheless, the bank might ask for the reason of account opening.

The Comdirect expects some knowledge of German language in order to understand the banking.

The account opening and banking can be done completely in English language. However, one currently needs an address in Germany or Austria for the account opening, because the MasterCard can only be sent to these two countries.

This will be improved in the future. Moreover, currently only transfers within the SEPA area are possible. Again, this will be expanded.

The bank is still fairly new. Thank you for reply. What if I apply on comdirect for a current account but without credit card and overdraft these are optional in the account opening documents Do I still need a credit rating for this?

I would prefer an account without interest rate that is why I prefer a current account instead of savings account if possible.

I would like to open a current account in order to link it with paypal. We do have paypal available here, but unfortunately some form of paypal payments are not yet available here.

I am Indian and have been working here with local contract since 3 years. I have a Kreissparkase for my salary account which i am using for Electricity bill, Internet bill, Radio bill and house rent.

These are down auto debit to me. If I open a account with. The credit card is settled weekly with the current account in order to avoid the expensive loan interest.

In the case that the current account slips into the red, only the cheaper overdraft facility interest applies.

Hi, With the notarial confirmation for the ID-form, as my documents Passport, gas bills, etc are not in German, will they have to be professionally translated?

I am planning to move to Germany in November, and prefer to make the arrangements before i am moving. I do not know you and your financial circumstances.

However, we did not establish this special portal to give individual consultation, but to show what is possible in general. If you can provide the few requirements stated in the above article, then you should not encounter any problems at the account application.

Finally, it is the bank that decides to open an account or not. An account opening from abroad always is a little more difficult — as it is more expensive for the bank — than from an address within Germany.

Nevertheless, the Comdirect in one of the very few banks in Germany, where this is possible in principal.

I would like to know what is the deposit guarantee with Comdirekt. I live in Cyprus but am a British citizen. Thank you, David Jones.

The statutory deposit guarantee in Germany is Euros , per customer and account. According to their statutes, there is an additional assurance in the millions per customer and account.

This amount depends on the equity capital of the bank. At Comdirect, this is currently Euros 77 million per customer. At the Comdirect, the account opening is always applied for online.

As you want to apply for the account from abroad, please do not click on the big button at the top as this is linked to the online application for Germany , but through the following link.

The accounts for holders with residence abroad are not applied through an online form, but using a PDF document. It could be that you and the bank agree on a legitimating via webcam.

You hold your ID card and your face in front of the webcam to confirm your identity. This works fine with German ID cards or passports, but unfortunately, not always with ID documents from abroad.

Alternatively, the Comdirect accepts an Ident-form through a notary from Cyprus. You should discuss the details with the Bank.

You will have to bear the costs of the notary and postage. Another alternative would be the PostIdent-procedure. However, this only works in branch offices of the post in Germany.

The costs will be borne by the Comdirect. The account opening in a branch office and a personal identification through an employee, is not possible, as the Comdirect has no branch offices.

It is a pure online bank. Therefore also the excellent conditions! I live in the USA and am looking to open an account to use for spending money whenever we visit Germany.

I know banking is quite different in Germany and Europe compared to here. For spending money you need a Girokonto with a Girocard debit card or a Kreditkarte credit card.

I would like to follow the same procedure from Greece. But notaries here are not allowed to sign the identity papers that the bank requires.

Such actions are only allowed to lawyers. But identity papers from lawyer is not accepted by the bank. Do you have any suggestion for this problem?

Yes, you have two possibilities: a arrange an individual solution directly with the bank we are not the bank , b use the identification procedure in a branch office of the German post.

Regarding a I have already contacted the bank and they do not accept anything else. The only thing I have not mentioned to them is video-ident since I read that it works only for German speaking countries, is this correct?

So if the address of residence is not shown on passport or ID it is not shown for Greek ID or passport I have to bring to the post office some utility bill of tax bill that will show my address.

What can I bring to the a German Post-Office that the employee will admit? Because all these papers are in Greek language.

What would be the best options to transfer money to this account from the U. I know basic German and am trying to learn some banking German.

Would they decline me if they think my German is not good enough? TransferWise is cheap and fast. However, I do not know, if it is always the best solution.

Nevertheless, it is more important to me to have a permanently cheap and reliable partner in financial matters, than saving 5 cents in one occasion.

If you are able to fill out the application for account opening, then your German is good enough! Hi Cash withdraw is free abroad by using the credit card.

And what about payments with the credit card? Which commissions are paid? Thanks Rui m. Yes, this is correct.

Withdrawing money outside Germany is free of charge with the Visa credit card. Payments in Euros are also free of charge.

At payments in a different currency e. USD you will have to bear 1. When withdrawing money in a foreign currency — e.

US-Dollars — no international service fee applies. So it may be clever to withdraw money at ATMs in non-Euro countries and to pay in cash.

Sorry, one more question. Do you have any instructions to open a current and credit card account?

I can only find to open a savings account. In the German language version, there is a small series about the account opening. Hi, i have a quick question, i have a German bank account from Sparkasse, this is a personal bank account, i do receive money from selling things on Ebay, do you think i can open a comdirect account and receive payment something from Ebay Deutschland?

Thanks in advance. Steuer-Identifikationsnummer TIN z. EU-Personalausweis, lokaler Steuerbescheid. Regarding 2.

You should not need to use this form if you go to a German Post Office They will create a form there for you and you just need to sign it,.

The form you mention Feststellung von Identität, Wohnsitz und Steuer-Identifikationsnummer is to be used only if you go to a Notary it says signature of notary at the end!

But, I cannot find the PostIdent coupon. It seems that only VideoIdent is available on the website. In my case, the PostIdent-Coupon was on the last page of the PDF-document, which was generated after the online application.

However, this is not a problem. Just write an e-mail to the customer service of the bank and ask for another PostIdent-Coupon for the legitimating and you will receive it via e-mail.

Hi tanja, I recently opened a comdirect account, and I did filled all the information, then they send another letter again with a coupon, the letter also said it can be faxed as they have all the information, the was a mistake with my citizenship and date of birth so I rectified the mistakes and signed, then I faxed it.

That arround the 16th of November. When do I get the reply back if my account was successful or not, I live in Germany for 4years now.

And the funny part is daily I check the postal box to see if my reply came. Hi I am an australian and have moved to Germany for 1 year for work.

I earn between euro a month can I open a com direct bank account and what are the fees involve. Is there any way to make cash deposits without any cost?

The deposit through the ATM of the Commerzbank is 3 times a year free of charge for Comdirect customers since the last change in the price list.

Then, cheap Euros 1. This at least applies, if one deposits on the current account. One can only deposit to this account at the counter.

Do you want to try this for yourself? I am a US citizen who visits friends in Germany annually. I would like to open an account in Germany and transfer funds in advance of travel.

Can a savings account with a debit card do this or is there another option? A pre-paid account? Hi, I live in Iran and I want to open an account in comdirect bank.

Please inform me what should I do from here. I am Swiss citizen leaving in Switzerland and currently interrested in opening Girokonto by Comdirect, in order to avoid cash withdrawal fees while travelling abroad.

However, when I start the opening process and fill-in the online formular, system asks me to fill-in the postIdent formular because I live in Switzerland… I thought that videoIdent were avalaible for Swiss people.

Is it still valid? Greetings, Many thanks for this information about Comdirect. I opened an account with them this week and have been impressed with the service.

Most European banks seems reluctant to open accounts for US residents. With Comdirect, it was a breeze. I am in Strasbourg for several weeks.

The clerk verified my identity and mailed the application. Comdirect wrote by email, asking that I complete an additional form.

I returned it by email, and the account was opened the following morning. In total, it took four days. I look forward to doing business with the bank.

I especially like that they allow several free deposits each year at Commerzbank. Being able to deposit the cash with ease back into the new EUR account is a great benefit.

Very pleased, and grateful for your website, without which I would not have heard about Comdirect.

The description of your experience with the account opening is great. Hello, I am a British citizen, resident in France.

I own an apartment in Germany which I rent out, so I need a bank account in Germany. I almost never go to Germany so I cannot go inside a bank.

Do you recommend and is it possible from outside Germany to open a Comdirect account? Thanks so much.

Hello, the Comdirect is a good choice in this case. But you are going to have to travel to Germany, in order to legizimize yourself at a German post office Deutsche Post via PostIdent.

That is the simply way to do it. An alternative would be the legitimization via a notary. Good luck!

Good day, I am a Ukrainian citizen without registration in Germany. I am seaman and working in German company. The company ask me to open bank account in Germany in order to transfer my salary.

Next month few times my ship will visit Hamburg. Please let me know if I can open bank account in Comdirect bank?

What I have to do for this? Which documents I need to provide to the bank in order to get account. Best regards Yevgen. I am Ukrainian, too, and I am curious if it is possible at all without permanent residency in Germany.

Any suggestions? Thank you for your feedback! Have good luck and much good experience with your new German bank account.

Hello, I recently opened a comdirect online account. Is it possible to have a Schufa now? How can I get my first free Schufa in that case?

Just wanted to let you know that recently I was successfully able to open an account with Comdirect as a UK citizen not living in Germany.

While visiting Germany I went to a post office to do the PostIdent process and they sent it off with my application form. Within a few days I received an email asking for proof of residence in the UK so I sent a telephone bill.

Within a few more days they had processed everything and opened a Girokonto, savings account and prepaid visa card.

Initially they said I could write to them in English and they would reply in German but they have since said they only accept correspondence in German.

There is no English at all in the letters or website, but the app for the iPad is in English and google translate can be used.

I hope this is helpful to someone in the same position as me. If apostille is required, how does it work?

As the editorial team we gladly share tricks and tips about finding the fitting banking accounts in Germany, as well as opening and cleverly using them.

But our possibilities reach their limit when it comes to individual agreements between a bank and a customer.

I have recently come to Germany for few months for project work. I wish to rent an apartment for this duration, and in most cases a bank account is needed.

Can I use my temporary address or office address for registration and initial correspondence. In this case, Comdirect is not the right bank for you.

I am russian citizen. I want to run am international website where financial operations are involved found. Can I open bank account in Europe via internet for this operations?

As a citizen and resident of Kyrgyzstan I tried to open an account with Comdirect Bank but failed. You also should indicate German mobile phone number, otherwise online form will not be accepted.

The online application is only suitable for residents of Germany. If you apply from a different country, you need the PDF application.

Best of luck! If that is the case for example if you live in Austria you could alternatively provide a copy of your registration card, tax reports or something equally official unfortunately, a copy of the rental agreement will NOT suffice.

I plan to travel to Germany and can visit bank myself instead of applying online. When I rand I was told to use the Vpay card as I was in europe.

I dont have a pin for this card. In order to obtain a new PIN, you can contact the bank directly e.

They will provide you with a new PIN. I am writing this message to thank you for all the information you have gathered here, that has helped a lot of people I am sure to open a German Bank account.

Because I have benefited from all this information, please allow me to write about my personal experience: In March, during a trip of mine, I got in Munich airport for 2 hours, so I went to the airport Deutsches Post, to do the PostIdent procedure.

Although I was a little sceptical in case something was ommited and I would not be able to do the procedure again, in the near future , everything proved to be fine and in a week or so, I received by mail all the necessary documents from Comdirect.

I would like to inform your readers that in Munich Airport you need to get OUT of the security area in order to get to the Post Office, so you need to pass the security check again, if you continue your flight- so, plan your time accordingly.

I have followed the instruction provided here and took a chance to apply for a VISA card, although i am working for a German company here in Deutschland, with a standard income and have provided the bank with every detailed information with proper records.

Quite surprised, could you please let me know any other legitimate options other than DKB and Comdirect? If you still are particularly interested in becoming a customer of Comdirect, it might be a good idea to first open the Tagesgeld account.

Since this is a savings account without credit line, a credit check is not required. Once you have this account, put money in it and develop a good history as a Comdirect customer, you will probably have better chances to get other accounts there as well.

Hello, I am British but reside in the Netherlands and have Dutch identification i. In the VideoIdent system it only accepts video calls from.

Austria Switzerland Luxembourg Liechtenstein. Why not Netherlands? Can I go directly to a Comdirect bank in Aachen and open an account there?

What you could do instead, if you travel to Aachen, is to legitimize yourself via the PostIdent procedure at a local German post office.

I have opened an account at comdirect not long ago, their service is amazing. I only opened a girokonto but not long ago I sent another letter to get the bonus option for purchases reimbursed for a depot, since I have some experience with all kinds of wertpapier I managed to get everything sorted out.

I live in Hungary so I had to go through a German language certified notare and have an apostille certificate added to the paper. It will be very handy once I move over to Germany now to receive my wages and get essential payments going for Internet and other stuff.

They do have English speaking colleagues but mostly will only communicate in German which is not much of a problem.

You can leave the account empty for a few weeks without worries. The bank does not define a duration. From Hungary this works simply and inexpensively with the specialty provider TransferWise.

Within the first few months, the Comdirect Bank gained tens of thousands of customers. In , the burst of the dot-com bubble hit the financial industry.

The Comdirect Bank was also affected and as a result, growth slowed. The company places its loss-making branches at disposal; the subsidiaries in France and Italy were sold and closed.

From then on, the Comdirect Bank exclusively focused on its home market in Germany. Even during the global financial crisis from , the business remained stable; the Comdirect Bank profited from the increase in transactions in securities trading.

In , the Comdirect Bank acquired the European Bank for Financial Services ebase from the Commerzbank, [35] doubling the number of managed securities accounts.

In , the Comdirect Bank announced the acquisition of the Onvista Group. In recent years, the Comdirect Bank invested heavily in digital technologies.

For example, the company published the first online banking app with support for accounts from other institutions.

In late , Commerzbank entered into talks with Petrus Advisers to buy its 7. Onvista Media is a subsidiary of Comdirect bank in Germany.

In , the Comdirect Bank and the Stuttgart Stock Exchange founded the Stiftung Rechnen, a non-profit foundation with a registered office in Hamburg and headquarters in Quickborn.

The Comdirect Bank accidentally reported million euros to an account of a customer in In , a breakdown occurred after a software update : [61] A small number of customers of the Comdirect Bank were able to view account balances of other customers for a very short time.

Since , the bank is being targeted by activist investor Petrus Advisers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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January 16, March 16,

Www Comdirekt Bank COMDIRECT BANK AKTIE und aktueller Aktienkurs. Nachrichten zur Aktie comdirect bank AG | | DE Dahinter stecken aber auch über Menschen, die jeden Tag das Bankformat von morgen in Quickborn bei Hamburg mit gestalten. Ob in spannenden und. comdirect bank Aktiengesellschaft, Pascalkehre 15, Quickborn Die Comdirect ist eine börsennotierte Direktbank mit Sitz in Quickborn, die zu mehr als. Die Comdirect Bank AG ist ein deutsches Kreditinstitut. Lesen Sie hier aktuelle News und neueste Nachrichten von heute zur Comdirect. COMDIRECT BANK AG: Vorstellung des Unternehmens COMDIRECT BANK AG​, Aktionäre, Vorstände und Berufsbeschreibung, Finanzstärkerating, offizielle. In einem Geschäft, in dem es um Sekunden geht. Das Source dieser Bank kann here viele Extras punkten. Direktbank-Tochter erfolgreich gestartet. Die Verkaufsorder, die ein Kunde am Freitag getätigt hatte, war erst am darauffolgenden Montag ausgeführt worden. Verzögerung Deutsche Börse: 15 Min. Kontakt - Impressum - Werben - Presse mehr anzeigen. Banco Santander Central Hispano. Dezemberabgerufen am Chartsignale comdirect bank Aktie. Das Gericht folgte dieser Argumentation und mahnte die korrekte Ausführung tagesgültiger Ordern an. Thought Fernsehlotterie Los Aktivierung excellent ]. Videos zu comdirect bank AG. Allianz Januarabgerufen am 3. Die Comdirect Bank ist eine Aktiengesellschaft nach deutschem Recht. Ich hätte ja im April ein Schreiben erhalten - und in meinem online Postfach. DAX Https://dogecoinmining.co/video-slots-online-casino/spgle-24.php informieren Sie sich auf unserer Karriereseite. In: heise online. PDF Commerzbank, Lesen Sie hier aktuelle News und neueste Nachrichten von heute zur Comdirect. Commerzbank-Tochter expandiert. In: Finanz-Szene. Www Comdirekt Bank

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